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06/12/2012 19:16

Planed Maintenance

In order to keep our network in tip top condition as well to ensure we have ample capacity in reserve to deal with growth, it is essential for us to carry out routine maintenance from time to time. In the most part, this maintenance is carried out behind the scenes without impact to service but sometimes a little disruption is inevitable.

Over the last couple of months we have been carefully planning and preparing the upgrade of our primary rack at KSP which is used for key services such as routing and distributing our network.


These works include as follows:


1. Replacement of current Juniper router series for a more powerful and resilient series

2. Deployment of a second router in a ‘virtual chassis’ configuration to give redundancy in the event of a physical router failure as well as minimising impact of normal maintenance such as firmware upgrades

3. Installation of a second uplink to each rack switch which will feed to the secondary redundant router in the virtual chassis pair

4. Replacement of current patch panels and wiring layout to facilitate a denser setup (due to the additional mass of new cabling)

5. Addition of a secondary full IP transit upstream for failover in the unlikely event of a complete loss of service at both hand off locations with our primary upstream

6. Addition of an out of band management solution for remote access to our routers in the event of a complete loss of both transits and or backhauls to London

7. Various in line upgrades to the power delivery of our primary rack to drastically minimise the knock on effect that a PDU/breaker/UPS trip may have


Due to the sheer amount of work involved we will be splitting the job into phases and this notification is to announce phase 2 (phase 1 having already been completed without impact to service):


Start: 09/12/12 @ 22:00 GMT

End: 10/12/12 @ 02:00 GMT


Affected: Everyone at KSP (UK Datacenter}

Impact: Each KSP rack will lose service during the aforementioned window twice, once for sub 1 minute while we swap out the current router and once for 5-10 minutes while we move and re-terminate any rack uplinks.


Please note: Clients do not need to take any action (i.e. do not shut down your servers) as we are working on the network, not servers or power.


Thank you for your continued co-operation.

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