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21/03/2011 07:55

New Disaster Recovery Systems and New Hardware

A new R1Soft server online running an XFS filesystem which will allow us to periodically run a defrag on the drives to ensure restores run at full speed in the future. There is a new version of R1Soft which provides us with much more information while performing a backup and restore, showing how much time there is remaining and how fast data is being transferred which will help us provide accurate information during a restore. Unfortunately work is not yet complete on the control panel integration so we can’t upgrade yet but we expect it will be added in April.

We are also going to be performing a second backup using the cPanel backup system to another server. The cPanel backup allows us to bring a bare cPanel server online then restore accounts one at a time, the advantage being we don’t have to restore the whole server before all sites are up. We will also be able to expand this in the future to provide extra functionality. For example allowing you to easily restore an entire cPanel account through the control panel.

The performance of the new server is far greater than the old. We took the opportunity during the downtime at the beginning of March to upgrade the hardware. Instead of a Quad Core with 8GB RAM and RAID1, the server is now running 16 CPUs, 24GB RAM and a RAID10 array which has given us a huge performance increase.


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