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Commercial EPC

Warehouse and Factory

Warehouse and factory.

Retail and Office

Retail and office buildings.

Food and Leisure

Restaurants and Leisure buildings.

Save £££'s without compromising on quality.

Over the last decade and a half we have been engaged in producing EPC's for some of the biggest property investors in the country. From industrial factory buildings and warehouse/distribution, to shopping malls and high street retail as well as office blocks and leisure buildings.

Commercial EPC+
Try our enhancement of the Recommendation report that gives specific advice to target an 'A,B' or 'C' rating. This is our premium EPC service where several scenarios are run to reveal the impact on your buildings EPC score.

If your building is at the lower end, an E or F don't panic. Ask us before you spend a fortune on improvements. In many cases a new EPC on it's own will lift it out of the danger zone. Future proof you investment with EPC+

Your EPC and Recommendation Report are valid for 10 years. However since the UK has been very successful in de-carbonising the grid as well as several input software updates and convention changes. Many would get a better epc result today without making any changes onsite. You don't have to wait.

But let's not run ahead too far though. You first need a base line to work from. Book your Commercial EPC with Fusion UK and start the journey towards net zero.

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