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Common Email Problems and Solutions
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MySQL Tips and Tricks


How do I track how many hits my website gets?
There are a few things that need to be cleared in terms of terminology: 1. Hits - this simply...
Views: 1479
Common SSH Commands - Linux Shell Commands
Navigating in UNIX pwd Shows the full path of the current directory ls Lists all...
Views: 1018
Performing a Tracert If you or one of your customers is experiencing a less than optimal route...
Views: 851
Creating a Welcome message for SSH logins
Did you ever want to change or create a new login message antime someone logs into SSH? We'll...
Views: 954
Facts on Bandwidth
How much is 1 meg? Every time someone views your web page all of the data (html code, text,...
Views: 924
How can I bypass the cPanel login page?
To bypass the cPanel login screen, type in your...
Views: 2956
How do I activate PHP 5.3 on my account?
There are several methods of enabling 5.3 on your account while the default is still 5.2 Method...
Views: 769
How to install chkrootkit
cd /usr/src wget tar zxvf...
Views: 914
How to install Crypt-DSA
What is Crypt-DSA Crypt::DSA is an implementation of the DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm)...
Views: 949
How to install eAccelerator
Eaccelerator is a PHP accelerator/encoder/caching utility that is based off of the old mmcache...
Views: 953
How to install ffmpeg
ffmpeg Before installing ffmpeg, I suppose you have already installed Lame on your server....
Views: 983
How to Install GMP Math liberary
wget tar -xjvf gmp-4.2.2.tar.bz2 cd gmp-4.2.2...
Views: 1013
How to install ImageMagic
cd /usr/local/src wget (NOTE:...
Views: 938
How to install Ioncube
cd /usr/local/ wget tar -xvzf...
Views: 984
How to install Perl
yum -y install perl
Views: 942
How to install RAR
cd /tmp wget tar -zxvf...
Views: 931
How to install RkHunter
wget tar -zxvf rkhunter-1.3.0.tar.gz...
Views: 987
How to install RVskin
mkdir /root/rvadmin cd /root/rvadmin wget
Views: 917
How to install SIM
What is SIM SIM is a system and services monitor for ‘SysVinit’ systems. It is...
Views: 917
How to install Subversion/SVN
wget rpm -i...
Views: 897
How to install Zend Optimizer
How to Install Zend Optimizer/Encoder on cPanel/WHM Zend Optimiser is a PHP addon which offers...
Views: 1061
How to setup Cron Job
A sample program to setup a cron job This cron is supposed to delete the spams from your mail...
Views: 962
How to upgrade Cpanel
Login to your WHM and follow whm > cPanel/WHM Updates Automatic (STABLE tree) cPanel...
Views: 898
Howto install FFmpeg-PHP
Views: 1098
Howto Install FLv2Tool
yum install ruby* wget...
Views: 950
Howto Install LAME
Views: 911
Mplayer includes mencoder in the same package. Dependencies: Mplayer has a few dependencies:...
Views: 958
Howto Upgrade perl
Run the following command. cd /usr/local/src ; wget...
Views: 908
Phishing - Protect your Identity and Finances
Phishing is the name given to an increasingly common type of spam (unsolicited emails) designed...
Views: 881
Protecting Yourself Against Viruses & Data Loss
It is vital to ensure your computer is protected from viruses and trojans. As well as installing...
Views: 1005
Static IP vs. Dynamic IP Address
A static IP address is one that remains fixed and never changes. The PC always sees the same...
Views: 933
What are private nameservers and how do I set them up?
Private nameservers are where your domain points to our nameservers so that your customers do not...
Views: 891
What are private nameservers and how do I set them up?
Private nameservers are where your domain points to our nameservers so that your customers do...
Views: 1140
What do I need to do to put Flash on my website?
Flash is a client side feature - it runs on the user's computer, not on your web host. As long as...
Views: 883

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