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Performing a Tracert

If you or one of your customers is experiencing a less than optimal route into our network resulting in higher latency or packetloss then it is advisable to submit a tracert (trace route) to our support department via the ticketing system.

To carry out a tracert on Windows, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Depending on your O/S click 'Start' followed by selecting 'Run...' which can usually be found around the bottom right of your start menu assuming it has not been hidden.


Step 2

Assuming a box titled 'Run' has popped up, now type 'command' in the text box and select 'OK'


Step 3

You should now see a black box titled '', in this box type 'tracert' followed by hitting enter, your computer will take a short while to complete this task.


Step 4

Once you can see the text 'Trace Complete' in the black box, right hand click within the box and select the option 'select all' followed by hitting enter on your keyboard, this will copy the tracert into your clipboard.


Step 5

With the tracert details in your clipboard you can either past then into note pad or paste them directly back into your support ticket ready for our inspection.


Step 6

In order for us to test our route back to you as well as your route to us, it’s imperative that you supply your current IP. If you do not know your IP simply copy and paste your findings from this website:

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