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Fusion UK have many years of experience within the industry. The energy performance of buildings regulations is no longer the new kid on the block. We have been working on projects and assisting landlords keep a viable portfolio of buildings reaching high energy performance standards.

From site survey to epc certificate we offer a fast efficient service.

EPCs are required for a range of commercial properties, including offices and shops, and the purpose of requiring EPCs for these types of commercial properties is to make sure that a building’s owners and its tenants have access to that information, so they can identify areas for improvement.


While the EPC can be viewed as nothing more than a rubber stamping exercise by some, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is it law, but it provides incredibly useful information about energy use and consumption. As we know, commercial buildings contribute an enormous amount to global emissions, so the more data we have on the energy performance of our buildings the better.


The energy we use for heating and powering our non-domestic buildings is responsible for around 12% of the UK’s emissions. Around 60% of today’s non-domestic buildings will still exist in 2050, representing around 40-45% of the total floor space. Whilst standards to tackle the performance of new buildings have been in place for some time, minimum standards to drive improvements in the performance of the existing stock through energy efficiency upgrades are essential going forward to tackle energy used and reduce emissions across the non-domestic stock.


Fusion UK can help you stay within the legal peramiters of the regulations Start your journey towards net zero with us.