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If you are looking to bring more targeted traffic to your website, search engine optimisation is a must. Website SEO is the process of ensuring that your Web pages are accessible to search engines and are focused in ways that help improve the chances they will be found.

Today it is critical that your site is search engine friendly. At Fusion UK we believe that SEO is far more cost effective than PPC advertising. Would you rather have a high organic ranking in Google?

We do emphasise the need for a good Google UK ranking as they take 85% of all UK searches.
Top Search Engines - Volume 85.58% 5.11%      3.84%  2.29% 1.78%
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Many factors are taken into account by search engines to determine where you are placed when a search word or phrase is used. One of the latest revelations to come from Google is your server speed will be factored into their algorithm. Do a speed test on your website to verify that your site loads at a good rate of kb per second. Below you can see the speed test results of a few various types of website on Fusion UK servers.
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